By Berkeley Mews, Here are the 30 Pretty Comics with a Little Bit Dark Touch

It is important for everyone to give some time to himself/herself from thier busy life. Because human body needs some time to relax and it also makes you happy. One of the best way for you to enjoy comics in this free time if you are a comic lover. This will turn your anxieties into happiness and your mind feels very relax. Basically, it is your mental therapy. Everyone should go through this therapy at least once in a day.

One of the most important keys to comics is the element of surprise. Even if a joke is pretty well done, you was not laugh when you expect it. “Ben Zaehringer” who is the owner of “Berkeley Mews Comics” make perfect use of the element of surprise. And of course that makes his works very funny. That’s why he has currently 190k followers on his instagram account.

The artist has made a name for himself in the world of comics. He shared his golden advice with those who like him want to be successful. “Do lots of comics and post them every day. People love daily updates”. He also says that a good comic does something physical to you like laugh, cringe, cry or throw up. We have compiled some of his illustrations in the following section. Hope everyone will enjoy these comics.

Credit: Berkeley Mews Comics

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