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“Berkeley Mews” is a webcomic created by Ben Zaehringer. Born in the […]

Berkeley Mews” is a webcomic created by Ben Zaehringer. Born in the United States, Ben Zaehringer developed a passion for cartooning and storytelling at a young age. He honed his artistic skills over the years and began sharing his comics online with a growing audience. “Berkeley Mews” made its debut in 2015, and since then, it has gained popularity for its clever writing and endearing illustrations. The webcomic is set in the fictional town of Berkeley Mews, where a diverse cast of anthropomorphic animals resides.

Each character has its own distinct personality and traits, which often serve as comedic vehicles for exploring relatable and sometimes absurd situations. The clever dialogue and witty humor have garnered a dedicated fanbase, making “Berkeley Mews” a staple in the webcomics community. What sets Ben Zaehringer’s work apart is his ability to infuse social commentary into his comics. While maintaining a lighthearted and humorous tone, he often touches on contemporary issues and everyday challenges faced by people.

This approach adds depth to the stories and allows readers to find moments of reflection within the laughter. As with many webcomic creators, Ben Zaehringer maintains an online presence through social media platforms, where he interacts with his 191,000 audience, shares sneak peeks of upcoming comics, and engages in discussions about his work. Through his charming characters and clever storytelling, he continues to bring joy and laughter to readers of all ages while leaving a lasting impact with his thoughtful social commentary. As his artistic journey continues, fans eagerly anticipate the next delightful installment in the whimsical world of “Berkeley Mews.”

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#1. Questions

#2. Secret

#3. Unwind


#4. Love

#5. Knock knock!

#6. Creepy Eyes


#7. Babies

#8. Bump

#9. What happened?


#10. Cruel world

#11. Suck

#12. Job


#13. Walks

#14. Wishes

#15. Prosthetic looks amazing


#16. First Tree

#17. The monster

#18. Crane


#19. At capacity

#20. Used car

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