20 Times Artist Ben Cicon Perfectly Captures Dark Humor in His Comics

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Anxiety and stress can be released through laughter. Through the indirect route of laughter, dark humor helps us deal with tough emotions such as fear, sadness, or anger, thereby relieving some of the pressure they build. It may serve as a coping method when faced with difficult realities. Surprisal is a key component of dark humor. It challenges our sense of normality and plays with our expectations by taking unexpected turns.


Let me introduce you to another artist by the name of Ben Cicon. His most well-known work is the webcomic Psychomic. This individual is a high school teacher and comic artist who shares their work on Instagram. He has 249 posts, 1,073 followers, and 412 followers. According to his bio, he is a “high school teacher and comic artist.” In the following part, we’ll look at his top 20 comics.

Credit: Psychomic

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#1. No Monsters

image 216

#2. Can’t See

image 217

#3. Sounds Fair

image 218

#4. Poor Choice

image 219

#5. Take Off

image 220

#6. Hilarious

image 221

Despite having a small following on Instagram, he makes excellent dark-humor comics that are frequently witty and masterfully drawn. Understanding hidden jokes and double meanings requires the audience to ponder and draw connections. He believes that dark comedy comics can be a creative outlet for people to safely and directly explore hard topics and feelings.

#7. Monster is Back

image 222

#8. Help The Community

image 223

#9. Muscle

image 224

#10. Robotic

image 225

#11. Movie

image 226

#12. Working Out

image 227
image 228

#13. Survival

image 229

It’s crucial to keep in mind, though, that his comics can be sensitive. Humor might be misunderstood as hurtful or inappropriate, therefore it’s important for writers to consider who their audience is and how their work might be viewed. But even when it leads us down a bit darker path, we can appreciate the ability of this special kind of comedy to surprise, challenge, and entertain us by knowing how it works at work.

#14. True

image 230

#15. Happy New Year

image 231

#16. Pokemon

image 232

#17. Grumpy

image 233

#18. Roar

image 234

#19. Fantasy

image 235

#20. Wish

image 236

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