20 Guy Elnathan Comics Features Sweet Scenes about Everyday Life as a Couple

Introducing Guy Elnathan a comic book artist who makes incredibly funny comics. The person depicts ordinary events in his comics. Artist Guy Elnathan’s webcomic Chronicles of Us has charming and realistic scenes depicting a couple’s daily lives. His comics are centered around relationships, daily living, and individual experiences. With 136,000 Instagram followers, the artist’s hard work has finally paid off, and his number continues to grow.

Along with his wife and little son, he resides. You’ll laugh out loud at the comic’s many humorous jokes. You’ll smile every time you see one of these comics. The comics depict a range of relatable everyday scenarios, sometimes extremely amusing, and, most importantly, sum up what it’s like to be married and have a newborn child. Let’s take a look at some of his best comics. You can also read some of his previous posts on Boredcomics by clicking here and here.

Credit: Guy Elnathan

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#1. Walk

#2. Thank You

#3. Social Media

#4. Babies

#5. Introvert

#6. Therapy Time

What makes his art so remarkable is its capacity to capture the fleeting yet crucial moments that make up a relationship. His comics usually depict a charmed couple who enjoy life’s small joys and each other’s companionship. Soft colors and strong lines combine to produce simple yet expressive artwork that flawlessly reflects the characteristics and feelings of his figures.

#7. What are you eating?

#8. That’s Right

#9. Family

#10. Sadly Relatable

#11. Smells

#12. Mr. Baby

His drawings reflect our own relationship experiences, including the small pleasures and difficulties that come with living together. Seeing hilarious reflections of these situations makes us feel accepted and acknowledged. We chuckle because we have either been there or hope to go there. I sincerely hope you enjoy these comics. Please use the comment box to ask any other questions you may have.

#13. Fell Asleep

#14. Back to Work

#15. Together

#16. Knock Knock

#17. What is success?

#18. Toddler

#19. Not a baby anymore

#20. Can you say?

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