Cartoonist Kevin McShane Creates 20 Fantastic Comics to Make You Smile

Kevin McShane has over ten years of expertise in digital media and is a cartoonist, designer, innovator, filmmaker, photographer, and executive producer. He is the creator of BuzzFeed’s Draw-Off show and is well-known for his comics and caricatures. He publishes his artwork on Instagram, where he has more than 75,400 followers.

Having graduated from Florida State University’s Graduate Film School, Kevin has been nominated for a Student Academy Award and won two student Emmys. His self-portrait series, in which he draws himself in the manners of other animators and animated movies, is one of his best-known creations. He posts his comics on Tumblr and his website, His comics are hilarious, sympathetic, and frequently depict strange things people do.

Credit: Kevin Mcshane

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#1. New Year

#2. Reminder

#3. Security Camera

#4. No days off

#5. Interested

#6. Thanks Giving

He also works as an animator. Kevin has worked with almost every significant animator and animation studio. The artist is a big fan of cartoons. So much so that he uses himself as a cartoon character in his comic books. Some comics have such distinct styles and personalities that they are instantly recognizable. He often portrays himself as a cartoon character, along with a parrot, to create comics, which his fans find amusing.

#7. A Very Accurate Costume

#8. The Tetris Effect

#9. Weird Ideas

#10. Instagram

#11. Bad Bat

#12. Cartoon Boy

Color is one of the elements that make McShane’s painting so appealing. His works are overflowing with vibrant colors that bring the artwork to life. McShane is noted for his bold use of color, frequently blending surprising but contrasting colors. His strong color choices give his pieces a sense of energy and movement that makes them tough to ignore. By clicking here and here, you can also read some of his previous posts on Boredcomics.

#13. Future

#14. Back From Vacation

#15. Wear Shorts

#16. Summer Afternoon

#17. Valuable Skill

#18. The Future of Entertainment

#19. Grand Parent

#20. Loss

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