20 Times This Artist Captures Dumb Situations in His Random Comics

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There are artists and writers who masterfully weave intricate plots, develop complex characters, and explore profound themes. Then there are creators who choose a different path, opting to focus on the lighter side of life, where humor reigns supreme. Becks Comics, a unique and talented artist, falls into the latter category. Becks Comics has made a name for himself by capturing dumb situations in his random comics. With a knack for highlighting the hilarity in everyday absurdity, Becks Comics provides a refreshing and entertaining take on the world around us.


Becks Comics, a name that has become synonymous with humor and everyday absurdity, has a heartwarming origin story that reflects the essence of following one’s passion. From humble beginnings with a scribbled comic about his big sister as a superhero to becoming a beloved web comic artist, Becks Comics embodies the spirit of not waiting for perfection and pursuing one’s creative dreams. Let’s dive into the inspiring journey of Becks Comics and the comics that make us laugh at life’s quirkiest moments.

Credit: Becks Comics

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#1. Wanna be artist

image 121

#2. Good weekend

image 122

#3. Companionship

image 123

#4. Bad Dream

image 124

#5. Magic Spell

image 130

Becks Comics’ journey began with a childhood dream of making funny comics. From as early as he can remember, the desire to create humorous and entertaining stories through comics was ingrained in him. However, like many aspiring artists, he doubted his own abilities and felt he wasn’t “good enough” to pursue his dream. This self-doubt is a hurdle that many creative individuals face, but Becks Comics’ story serves as a testament to the fact that sometimes all you need is a leap of faith to get started.

#6. Regular Girl

image 131

#7. Best Body

image 132

#8. Best Body

image 133

#9. Planning Committee

image 134

#10. Nice Coat

image 129

At just 7 years old, Becks Comics made his first comic—a short-lived scribble featuring his big sister as a superhero. It was a modest start, with only 5 panels and a runtime of 5 minutes, but it was a glimpse into the artist he would become. Unfortunately, his big sister was not as enthused about his creative endeavor and promptly told him to leave her room. This early experience, though short-lived and seemingly unremarkable, became a stepping stone for his future in the world of comics.

#11. Something is missing

image 135

#12. Food for Ants

image 136

#13. Face Mask

image 128

#14. What’s wrong?

image 137

#15. Tattoo

image 127

After that initial attempt, Becks Comics spent the next 20 years waiting for the perfect moment to pursue his passion. Many aspiring artists find themselves trapped in the cycle of perfectionism, always waiting for the right time, the right skills, or the right circumstances. Now, he has 87,200 Instagram followers. Becks Comics’ story is a reminder that sometimes waiting for the ideal conditions can stifle your creative journey. The key is to begin, even if it’s not perfect, and allow growth to happen through practice and persistence. His determination to make people laugh and share his unique perspective with the world was stronger than his fear of inadequacy. This decision marked the turning point in his creative journey.

#16. Sounds Good

image 138

#17. Very Cool

image 139

#18. Dog Race

image 140

#19. Translation

image 126

#20. Anxious Person

image 125

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