A French Illustrator Creates Relatable Comic Strips about her Life (36 Drawings)

Relatable comics often depict everyday situations or common life experiences that many people can relate to. When readers see these scenarios illustrated, it brings back memories of their own encounters with similar situations. Meet the French illustrator who has been capturing hearts and smiles through her relatable comics about everyday life. With humor, wit, and a keen eye for the ordinary, she transforms her experiences into art that resonates with people worldwide.

In a world often filled with complexity, this illustrator demonstrates the power of simplicity. Her art style is characterized by clean lines, minimalistic color palettes, and expressive characters. This simplicity doesn’t distract from the message; it amplifies it, allowing readers to focus on the essence of each comic. Her comics don’t shy away from imperfection. They celebrate life’s messiness, the beauty in chaos, and the humor in our flaws. In doing so, she reminds us that it’s okay not to have it all together and that it’s often the imperfect moments that make life rich and meaningful.

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Credit: Art By Juliet

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#1. Magical Heater

#2. Personality

#3. Eternal Life

#4. Listen to my voice

#5. Out of Hawthorn

Artbyjuliet (@artbyjuliet) is the Instagram account of Yüul, a French artist who creates digital illustrations. Her work is often whimsical and colorful, with a focus on characters and creatures. She is known for creating short comics about her life. The artist has a strong social media presence and can be found on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. She also has a series on the Webtoon platform. She has over 91,800 followers on Instagram, where she shares her artwork and comics about her daily life. Her Instagram bio describes her as a French illustrator, and she often posts in both French and English.

#6. Caramel Punch

Yüul’s art is a portal to a whimsical world, brimming with vibrant colors and whimsy. Her digital illustrations are a celebration of imagination and creativity, featuring a myriad of delightful characters and creatures that dance across her canvas. One of the standout features of Yüul’s artistic repertoire is her creation of short comics that offer a glimpse into her daily life. These comics are like windows into the world of a talented artist, but they’re also relatable for many. They capture the ordinary moments and quirky experiences that we all share but often overlook in our busy lives.

#7. Alone

#8. My Back Hurts

Yüul has extended her creative reach beyond Instagram. She can be found on platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube, where she continues to share her art and connect with a diverse and engaged audience. Her ability to share her work through various channels speaks to her commitment to building a strong and widespread artistic community. Yüul has also ventured into the world of Webtoon, a platform dedicated to digital comics and web comics. Her series on Webtoon is another space where she weaves her magic and allows readers to immerse themselves in her imaginative narratives. This expansion showcases her versatility as an artist, able to adapt to different storytelling formats.

#9. Adult vs Kid

#10. Train

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