20 VBT Comics Full of Hilarious and Twisted Punchlines That Make You Laugh


Laughter is a universal language, and one of the most effective ways to elicit genuine laughter is through well-crafted punchlines. A good punchline can take a joke from amusing to uproarious, and when a punchline is particularly hilarious and twisted, it can leave you in stitches. Hilarious and twisted punchlines have a unique and potent charm in the world of humor. They possess the remarkable ability to catch you off guard, making you burst into laughter when you least expect it. These punchlines are like comedic landmines, delivering an unexpected detonation of humor that leaves you in stitches.

Their twisted nature often plays with societal norms, subverting expectations and allowing us to explore the absurd and unconventional side of life, which, in turn, brings a refreshing dose of laughter into our lives. It’s in these moments of delightful shock and amusement that we find the true magic of humor—the power to transcend our ordinary expectations and take us on an unexpected, uproarious journey. You can explore some of his previous comics by clicking here and scrolling down to the section below.

credit: VBT comics

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#1. Report Card


#2. Run it back

#3. Dogs Brent


#4. Timmy is my spirit animal

#5. Looks Like a Lady


Few creators manage to capture the essence of humor as masterfully as Vanilla Bean Thot (VBT). Known for their uproarious and twisted punchlines, VBT Comics has carved out a niche in the hearts of over 1,207 Instagram followers. These comics are a testament to the creator’s uncanny ability to find humor in the most unexpected and offbeat situations. Join us as we delve into the world of VBT Comics, where laughter is the main course and everyday scenarios take a hilarious and often bizarre turn.

#6. Fresh Oxygen

#7. Marvelous


#8. Spanish Inquisition

#9. Supervillian origin story


#10. Growing into adulthood

He’s the creative genius behind the uproarious web comics that have taken the internet by storm. With a unique perspective on life’s quirks and a talent for finding humor in the mundane, VBT embarked on a mission to brighten people’s days with their signature brand of comedy. The result? A collection of comics that are equal parts twisted and side-splitting, offering readers a refreshing break from the ordinary. These punchlines are the secret sauce, injecting an element of surprise and unpredictability into each comic strip. By subverting expectations and taking us on a wild ride through absurdity, VBT ensures that their comics are not just funny but downright unforgettable.

#11. That kind a year


#12. Fabulously Fly

#13. Privacy


#14. Help Me


#15. Verification Text

VBT Comics excels at portraying random, everyday situations that we’ve all encountered at some point. From the hilarious mishaps of everyday life to the absurd scenarios that defy logic, VBT’s comics strike a chord with readers across the globe. Whether it’s navigating the pitfalls of modern technology, dealing with awkward social interactions, or finding humor in the chaos of daily routines, VBT brings a fresh perspective to the commonplace. Through their unique blend of humor and relatability, VBT reminds us all to find laughter in the little things and appreciate the absurdity that life so often serves up.

#16. Love the universe


#17. Don’t Forget

#18. Jelly Filling


#19. Trash



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