20 Beautiful Mind Comics Based on Relatable Daily Life Moments

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Humor is something that makes people happy. There is something for everyone in it. People find humor in all kinds of ways, such as enjoying hobbies, listening to music, and watching comics. But we have observed that most people love to find humor in comics. That’s why they always search for the best collection of comics. And if you are also looking for a good laugh, then the wait is over.


Before we present a good collection of comics, let’s talk about the artist first. Allow me to present the Instagram account with the username Beautiful Mind Comics, which is famous for making comics about relatable moments that happen in daily life. Her comics show herself in strange situations that somehow perfectly capture the weirdness of everyday life.

Credit: A Beautiful Mind Comics

For more information, feel free to visit her social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook.  You can also see some of her best comics by scrolling through this blog:

#1. Should go to the gym

image 806

#2. So be good for goodness sake

image 808

#3. Bad Dog

image 809

#4. So Cute

image 810

She is a brilliant artist from Australia who never wants to reveal her original name. The artist joined the Instagram platform in 2016 to show her everyday experiences with mostly people. She believes that most people face similar kinds of situations. But they think that it can only happen with them. There are about 11,400 people from them who agree with it and, in return, follow his Instagram account.

#5. Ask him nicely

image 811

#6. Get paid while doing them

image 812

#7. Mom’s Phone

image 813

#8. Dirtied the mirror

image 814

#9. Going through tough times

image 815

#10. Dating the crush

image 816

#11. Kicking Outfit

image 817

#12. Always Hungry

image 818

With each new post, she interacts with those who read it, creating a feeling of sharing and belonging. The artist’s skillful graphics give familiar scenarios a lively, joyful feeling. Because the artwork frequently portrays female characters going through the highs and lows of everyday life, readers are familiar with these relevant circumstances.

#13. Coming Now

image 819

#14. Doing Makeup

image 820

#15. Job Interview

image 821

#16. Gaining Weight

image 822

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#17. Sale

image 823

#18. Secret to losing weight

image 824

#19. During Job interview

image 825

#20. Pulled you over

image 826

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