20 Fabulous Comics Full of Amusing Jokes by Very Cereals to Giggle You

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Welcome to the new blog by internet sensation Very Cereals. Mohamed El Mayati is the creator of the online series. He is a Moroccan comic book artist. He is well-known for his surprising turns and realistic situations. The series was launched by El Mayati in 2019. Since then, it has amassed a sizable social media following of 13,200 followers. His amusing comics never fail to make people laugh. His unexpected conclusions and humorous twists of the comics will keep you coming back for more. 


Credit: Very Cereals

For More Information: You can visit his social media platforms by clicking on his Instagram account. If you want to enjoy more of his comics, then feel free to visit these links: here and here.

There is a collection of his best comics for you in the following area:

#1. Early Worm

image 785

#2. Die Young

image 786

He says that art was not a major focus in his family, and he mentions it becoming a big part of his life only in the last ten years or so. They want him to become an engineer, but he has no interest in it. Instead, he wants to be a comic creator to make fabulous content for people. Despite his lack of drawing skills, he started creating as a hobby. 

#3. Trust Nobody

image 787

#4. The Honest Dad

image 788

#5. Mario

image 789

#6. Calories

image 790

The artist joined Instagram in 2018 and is currently a resident of Germany. The artist continues to employ this style in his comics because most of his readers find it enjoyable. Moe says he loves humor so much because it’s a free way for him to express himself, no matter how ridiculous or unpleasant it is. That’s how his amazing performance makes his audience laugh.

#7. Happy Easter

image 791

#8. You want some?

image 792

#9. Let me try to slowly sneak back into your feed

image 793

#10. Unlock Your Creativity

image 794

#11. Original Work

image 795

#12. Smooth

image 796

We are lucky to have an active global drawing community that continuously creates fresh and creative content for us to enjoy. He is the artist from that community whose comics are an easy and quick way to laugh. Even when we are sad, comics may make us smile. His comics act as mental therapy for us, and we become relaxed.

#13. The Farmers Strength

image 797

#14. Lemonade

image 798

#15. You need some balls to juggle

image 799

The artist recently changed his Instagram username from Very Cereals to Mo’s Comics. His use of humor is guaranteed to make you laugh, and his approach to painting is simple yet appealing. Very Cereal Comics is a great place to watch if you are searching for a quick and simple method to get a daily supply of humor. We hope you are having a great day.

#16. True Warrior

image 800

#17. Straight Up Dropped

image 801

#18. Surprise

image 803

#19. Honesty is Cool

image 804

#20. Self fulfilling Prophecy

image 805

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