20 Very Cereal Comics Based on Relatable Situations and Unexpected Twists

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Comics are a simple and quick way to laugh, and we are fortunate to have a brilliant global comics community that consistently produces new and inventive content for us to enjoy. Comics also make us happy while we’re upset. For us, it is mental therapy. Our minds become clear and relaxed. For this reason, we’re bringing you yet another round of amusing comics in order for you to escape hardship and enter the world of joy.


Very Cereals Comics is a webcomic series created by Moroccan artist Mohamed El Mayati. The comics are known for their unexpected twists, dark humor, and relatable situations. El Mayati started the series in 2019, and it has since gained a large following on social media. You’ll keep going back for more because of the comics’ surprising ends and hilarious turns. Currently reaching 13.300 followers, he never stops making people laugh with his humorous comics.

Credit: Very Cereals

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#1. Work

image 658

#2. Drawer

image 659

#3. Job Interview

image 660

#4. Happy Birthday

image 661

#5. Limit

image 679

#6. Gamers can relate

image 663

Because the majority of his fans enjoy this style, the artist sticks to it in his comics. Moe claims that the reason he enjoys humor so much is that it allows him to express himself freely, regardless of how absurd or controversial it may be. That’s how his amazing work makes his audience giggle.

#7. Insomniac

image 664

#8. Normal

image 665
image 667

#9. Paper Work

image 666

#10. New Phone

image 668

#11. Penguin Fun Fact

image 669

#12. Relay Race

image 670

#13. Penne

image 671

#14. Dice

image 672

#15. Top Spin

image 673

El Mayati’s art style is simple but effective, and his use of humor is sure to make you laugh. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get your daily dose of humor, then Very Cereal Comics is definitely worth checking out. You can find the comics on El Mayati’s website, as well as on our website, by simply clicking here and here.

#16. More Life

image 674

#17. Forever Alone

image 675

#18. Snaked

image 676

#19. Sock Puppets

image 677

#20. Morning Routines

image 678

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