The Laughter Therapy: Exploring the Marvels of Comic Artistry with Meo (20 Comics)


Comics hold an incredible power—they are our instant laughter pills, the magic potions that can transform our gloomy days into moments of unadulterated joy. In the vast tapestry of comic artistry, there exists a hidden gem: Meo, an artist whose real name is Mohamed El Mayati. Hailing from Morocco but residing in Germany, Meo has carved his niche by weaving rib-tickling narratives through his comics. These strips aren’t just humorous; they’re a form of mental therapy that takes us on a rollercoaster ride from sadness to elation, leaving our minds rejuvenated and refreshed.

Meo’s comic universe is a delightful concoction of humor, wit, and unexpected plot twists that hook his audience, comprising an impressive 13,500 followers who eagerly anticipate each new creation. What distinguishes Meo is his adherence to a simplistic style, a deliberate choice stemming from his fans’ overwhelming preference. For this Moroccan artist, simplicity doesn’t equate to dullness; rather, it serves as a canvas for his comedic genius to shine. You can also check his earlier posts on Bored Comics by clicking here and here.

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#1. Civilization


#2. Foremen

#3. Bonk


#4. Rubbing Hands

#5. Photo Finish


In an intimate conversation, Meo shared his perspective on humor, emphasizing its liberating nature. To him, humor transcends boundaries, rules, and inhibitions. It gifts him the ultimate freedom—an unbridled platform to articulate the most absurd, controversial, or downright silly ideas without reservation. For Meo, it’s not just about crafting jokes; it’s about channeling his thoughts into a visual medium that resonates universally. His comics are a blend of relatability and unpredictability, laced with an uncanny ability to deliver punchlines that leave his audience in stitches.

#6. Apples in Suits

#7. Perpendicular


#8. Freedom

#9. Surprise Birthday Party


#10. Insomanic

Beyond the laughter, there’s an inherent therapeutic quality to Meo’s work. His comics aren’t merely a string of gags; they’re a gateway to a brighter mental space. In a world inundated with stress and anxiety, Meo’s creations act as a soothing balm, providing much-needed respite and fostering a sense of collective joy.

#11. Soup


#12. A Nice Place

#13. Robbery


#14. Possessed

#15. Hero


Through his artistry, Meo encapsulates the essence of mental rejuvenation. His comics aren’t just panels; they’re portals, transporting us from the mundane to a realm where laughter reigns supreme. In a nutshell, Meo’s creations are an oasis of mirth in an often-serious world, offering a refreshing escape and reminding us of the sheer beauty and power of a good, hearty laugh.

#16. Dreams

#17. SKeetos


#18. Maxed Out

#19. RIP


#20. Lie Detector

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