20 Dust Interactive Comics Full of Clever Jokes and Hilarious Endings

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Comics based on clever jokes allow readers to read the comics until the last panel because there is a twist in every panel. When the readers think they get the joke and the comic is over, then there is a sudden twist after that, which makes the readers laugh out loud. That’s what an Instagram account with the title Dust Interactive Comics makes for his fans. There is no one better than him to make people laugh through such content.


Dustin Rogers is the creative author and illustrator who owns this comic series. He is an interactive and graphic designer who works for many companies to do their tasks remotely. Due to his interest in drawing, he also creates comics as a hobby. At first, he made comics on a regular basis. The sad news is that he has stopped making new comics for a few years. Due to this, his fan following is limited to 285,000 followers only. You can enjoy some of his best comics in the next gallery.

Credit: Dust Interactive

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#1. Happens Every Time

image 827

#2. Posting on social Media

image 828

#3. Drone Wars

image 829

#4. Something to cheer about

image 830

#5. Food Service Expectations

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This web comic was started by him in 2016. He soon discovered that followers enjoyed comics that dealt with comedy scenarios that were funny, so he started posting comics on Instagram. His main objective is to make readers happy with his fantastic comics. Fans have applauded his work for its unexpected turns and satisfying conclusions. His comics have a devoted fan base on the Webtoon platform, where they are hosted.

#6. High School

image 832

#7. Free Messaging App

image 833

#8. Half Time

image 834

#9. If all ads were like internet ads

image 835

#10. Perfect Just the way

image 836

He draws amazing comics about strange events that appear unlikely to happen in real life. This gives the comics an extra element of enjoyment and interaction, pushing them above simple reading content. He brings his fans joy in this way. This is the reason behind his huge following in the web comics industry.

#11. We all do it

image 837

#12. Calorie Tracking App

image 838

#13. This gonna be different

image 839

#14. Want to be a republican

image 840

#15. Worst vs Best

image 841

His comics are filled with clever language and hilarious comedy, and he has the ability to find something funny in normal situations. His characters are not only realistic and funny, but they are also instantly recognizable to readers. You can find more Dust Interactive Comics on our website by clicking Here and Here if you’re searching for an enjoyable and distinctive reading experience.

#16. Get Crazy tonight

image 842

#17. This thing is ancient

image 843

#18. Be legendary

image 844

#19. Living with your drunk self

image 845

#20. Cannon Ball

image 846

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