This Artist illustrates about Funny Situations Through his 20 Absurd Comics

The adage “laughter is the best medicine” is frequently used. If so, […]

The adage “laughter is the best medicine” is frequently used. If so, “Dustin Rogers,” the cartoonist or illustrator, is nothing less than a therapist in this case. It turns painful situations and emotions into hilarious artwork that anybody can identify with. He has a lengthy history of giving his readers entertaining comics to read.

Let me introduce you to “Dust interactive,” a new web series. We discovered “dustinteractive,” a cartoonist who creates really engaging comics about bizarre incidents that seem very unlikely to happen in real life. However, they remain a possibility, and occasionally, they do occur to all of us. Because of this, his admirers can always relate to his comics.

This web comic series features a variety of personalities and hilarious, relatable events between them. He does it purely out of artistic and hilarious passion, and his comics reflect that. His cartoons will definitely tickle your strong sense of humor. Because of this, he was able to reach a 314k audience on Instagram. Let’s look at some of his most impressive illustrations. Enjoy your day!

Credit: Dust interactive

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