Cartoonist Dustin Rogers Captures Random Situations in 20 Absurd Comics

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Comics have an incredible ability to bring happiness into our lives. With their vibrant colors, engaging narratives, and imaginative artwork, they have the power to transport us to captivating worlds and ignite our imaginations. The humor found in comics can tickle our funny bones and elicit laughter, instantly lifting our spirits. The endearing characters and their adventures create a sense of joy and connection, allowing us to escape into their stories and experience a range of emotions.


Dustin Rogers is an Instagram artist who has gained a following of over 301,000 people for his work with dust. The artist, who goes by the name Dust Interactive, began experimenting with dust art in 2016 as a way to explore their creativity. They quickly realized that their work was popular with other artists and photographers, and they began posting their work on Instagram. Dust Interactive’s work is known for its beauty and intricacy. His main focus is to bring a smile to readers faces with his fabulous illustrations.

His work has been praised by fans for its beauty and originality. One of the most remarkable aspects of Dust Interactive’s art is its strong emphasis on storytelling. Each piece seems to tell a unique narrative, inviting viewers to ponder and interpret the underlying story behind the image. The artist excels at creating a sense of mystery and wonder, often leaving room for individual interpretation. Whether it’s a whimsical scene featuring mythical creatures or a thought-provoking composition depicting the human experience, Dustinteractive’s art is a testament to their storytelling prowess. Let’s take a look at some of his best illustrations.

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Credit: Dustinteractive

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#1. Boop

image 661

#2. Something

image 662

#3. Constellations

image 663

#3. How we found art

image 664

#4. How we started riding horses

image 665

#5. If mannequins could talk

FB IMG 1686909999578

#6. Rolled ice-cream

FB IMG 1686910149354

#7. God designs a baby

FB IMG 1686910203902

#8. The great meadow

FB IMG 1686910263755

#9. Little boy

FB IMG 1686910301455

#10. So hard to say

FB IMG 1686910338182

#11. Nap like a king!

FB IMG 1686910375178

#12. Driving

FB IMG 1686910412058

#13. Halloween

FB IMG 1686910449429

#14. Things are never as cute as they seem

FB IMG 1686910474693

#15. Get the shirt

FB IMG 1686910523494

#16. Selfie stick

FB IMG 1686910571311

#17. Gray hair!

FB IMG 1686910602355

#18. What would you do all summer?

FB IMG 1686910646471

#19. Apple’s iPhone

FB IMG 1686931916699

#20. Cannon ball

FB IMG 1686910740931

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