20 Relatable Comics Sum Up the Life of an Average Girl

Illustrator Laura Romagnoli crafted relatable comics that effectively captured the highs and lows of being a typical girl, thereby creating an emotional connection with readers. Her comics touch on commonly relatable daily situations. Her straightforward but expressive artwork gives the characters a sense of friendship, which increases the appeal of the comics.

We present Average Girl Webcomic, an Instagram user with 72,400 followers, because of this. Her relatable comics capture the pleasures and difficulties of being an ordinary girl. Her comics are both charming and humorous, and the characters have a true sense of realism. Reading her comics makes you happy and makes you feel like you belong. Because of her relatable characters and sense of humor, her comics are a must-read for everyone who has ever felt like they’re just trying to get by in life.

Credit: Average Girl Webcomic

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#1. Relatable

#2. Letting go

#3. Privacy

#4. Bed

#5. Long distance relationship

#6. inappropriate

This well-known online comic presents amusing and relevant comic strips about an average lady overcoming obstacles in her daily life. She discusses bad luck, daydreaming, and a lot of strange and personal daily happenings as viewed through the eyes of a young aspiring artist in her relatable comics.

#7. seven seas

#8. sneezing

#9. How to live my life

#10. Manners

#11. Life as a movie

#12. someone send help

#13. advertisement

#14. findings

#15. surgery

the artist has a great sense of humor and is only 26 years old. She adds a humorous touch to situations from her daily life while drawing them in her own unique and expressive style. She essentially employs emotive graphics to give humorous twists to the difficulties she encounters on a daily basis. That’s why her comic book series is as funny as it is relatable. However, you’ll discover that it’s amazing and awesome. For more enjoyment, simply click here.

#16. study subject

#17. Hell

#18. priorities

#19. group chats

#20. Fall in love

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