20 comics show the experiences of tall and curly-haired women

Tall N Curly Comics is a web comic series by Cheyan Lefebvre, focusing on the experiences of tall and curly-haired women. She is a graphic designer and illustrator. She started this web comic, Tall N Curly, back in 2012 to share her problems as a tall girl. Her comics show relatable situations, humor, and challenges faced by women who don’t fit typical beauty standards.

Comics by Tall N Curly frequently highlight the distinctive qualities of each of us, such as our height, our curly hair, or any other characteristic that may set us apart. Her comics encourage self-acceptance and finding humor in our own lives. On Instagram, she has 32,800 followers that follow her. In this section, we’ve collected her top 20 comics. If you want to enjoy them, keep scrolling.

Credit: Tall N Curly Comics

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#1. Watching a movie

#2. Being tall

#3. Shopping

#4. said something

#5. squeeze airlines

#6. Clothes dry

Her desire was to make time in her life for something artistic unrelated to her job. She became aware that she was experiencing many other women’s daily struggles as a result of doing this. Like her, women want and need to be reminded that being unique and accepting of who they are is acceptable, enjoyable, and even extraordinary.

#7. fragrance

#8. annoying

#9. what is that?

#10. amazing questions

#11. shower time

#12. eat your vegetables

#13. short menaces

#14. coffee

The comics are full of clever jokes and observations that will make you feel relatable and nod in agreement. Her comics are a breath of fresh air in the web comic world. They’re funny, relatable, and encourage self-acceptance and positivity. If you’re looking for a good laugh and some inspiration, be sure to check them out.

#15. christmas gifts

#16. Magician

#17. ice skater

#18. in movie theatre

#19. something break

#20. invisible

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