20 Happy Fluff Comics Shows Struggles of Being a Girl

Sometimes all we need to know is that we’re not the only ones going through this. We are not alone in our struggle because there are ladies all across the world who are experiencing similar difficulties. Indian artist Akshara Ashok has created a wonderful web comic series named Happy Fluff Comics. This web comic tackles subjects that are positive and relatable, frequently presenting everyday situations and challenges in a charming and funny way.

Akshara Ashok is a freelance illustrator and artist who enjoys using her personal struggles as inspiration for her comics and illustrations to share with the world. She is an illustrator who has amassed 244,000 social media followers because of her comics about issues involving girls. Her witty and topical comics often focus on the perspectives of women and girls while addressing topics including body image, mental health, relationships, and everyday challenges. She aims to create art that inspires and often features strong, independent women in her illustrations.

Credit: Happy Fluff Comics

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#1. Listening to music

#2. Ever experienced

#3. favorite position

#4. Expectations

#5. different views

#6. sleeping

Being a good girl has never been simple, and it never will be. We don’t want to make fun of men because they seem to have it easier on a daily basis. However, girls often have to deal with such situations. The positive message conveyed by this artist’s comics is that being a girl comes with a variety of challenges, and it’s normal for every girl.

#7. Best part

#8. hand

#9. periods

#10. Real struggle

#11. shaving

#12. so relatable

#13. vice versa

#14. fake promises

She has made a name for herself in the web comic world by skillfully addressing teenage girls’ problems in a way that is open to everyone. Her work is a salute to the determination of teenage females as well as a reflection and source of inspiration. Please remember to leave a comment and share this site if you enjoy her comics. If you want to enjoy more, then simply click here, here, and here.

#15. ugly dress

#16. hair

#17. flat tummy

#18. miss a spot

#19. no shame

#20. cooking show

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