20 Comics by Akshara Ashok show Problems Experienced by Teenage Girls




It has never been easy to be a good girl, and it never will be. We don’t wish to disparage men, who, in comparison, appear to face fewer difficulties on a daily basis. But girls frequently have to put up with such absurdities. When you’re a girl, you deal with a variety of issues, from rigid beauty standards and menstrual cycles to more serious issues like the gender wage gap. The new collection of comics aims to increase awareness and foster empathy and understanding by showcasing comics that speak to issues experienced by girls.

Young Indian artist Akshara Ashok has captivated the Instagram community with her one-of-a-kind and detailed illustrations. Her work blends Indian culture with contemporary aesthetics and ancient artistic methods, and it has earned her a sizable fan base of 223,000 admirers who value her talent and originality. Her goal to produce art that inspires and uplifts her audience is shown in the frequent inclusion of strong, independent women in her illustrations.

She is the illustrator whose comics about girls’ concerns have gained traction on social media. Her witty and relevant comics frequently address issues including body image, mental health, relationships, and everyday challenges while focusing on the perspectives of women and girls. Her life experiences, as well as those of her friends and family, serve as the basis for her comics. The next section includes some of her best drawings. You can also check her previous posts on boredcomics by clicking here.

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#1. When both are mad

#2. How to hug your boyfriend

#3. When your period starts

#4. Trying to be productive

#5. When she see herself in a mirror

#6. Being lazy

#7. Result for leaving the things for tomorrow

#8. Why does my back hurt?

#9. Expectation vs reality

#10. Anyone who has experienced it?

#11. Tomorrow!

#12. What girls want vs girls get

#13. At the age of 25

#14. Things girls do while popping

#15. Hungry girlfriend

#16. When her partner about to leave

#17. Mostly girls at midnight

#18. Boyfriend’s clothes

#19. When she is ready for date

#20. Going on a vacation

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