20 Amy Revives Comics Shows Relatable Life as a medical Student

Today we are back with another collection of relatable comics for you. Let me introduce you to a talented artist whose name is Amy Revives. She is a young artist based in the Netherlands who creates funny and relatable comics about her life as a medical student and her experiences with friends, family, and everyday life. She shares her work on her Instagram account and other platforms. 

From the Netherlands, she is a 24-year-old medical student. In 2018, Amy began making comics in response to a friend’s challenge. She discovered very soon that she was talented at and enjoyed creating comics. Over 96,800 people have followed her comics on Instagram since then. She hopes that by making you laugh, you will be able to let go of your challenges for a little while and smile openly.

Credit: Emy Revives

For More Info: Instagram | Facebook

#1. Thanks Giving

#2. Anxiety is the only arrow

#3. Putting Lens


#4. Addiction

#5. Mountain

#6. Sushi


Amy’s primary social media presence appears to be on Instagram, where she goes by the same name and frequently shares new comics and interacts with her followers. Amy often draws on real-life situations for her drawings, such as managing work and your cat’s demands for attention or trying to find the perfect dress. Her comics are renowned for their sharp observations, wit, and humor as well.

#7. Entertainment

#8. Presentation

#9. Forgetful


#10. Fashion baby

#11. Forgetting Meds

#12. Mornings


#13. IKEA

#14. So relatable

Additionally, she provides her supporters with access to unique stuff on her Patreon page. Amy is not just a comic book creator, but also an illustrator and graphic designer. Amy is excited about connecting with people and making them laugh through her art. She loves to find humor in unpleasant situations by addressing real experiences and everyday situations in her comics. Please remember to leave a comment and share this blog if you think her comics are funny as well. For more enjoyment, simply click here, Here And Here.

#15. Staying hydrated is a daily battle


#16. Loose Hair

#17. Challenge

#18. Chilly Classroom


#19. Hype Yourself

#20. Beginning

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