20 Times This artist’s Fantastic Comics illustrate the Lives of Super Heroes

Do you have a lot of interest in superheroes? If you think that the only reason for their fame is due to well-liked movies, you are completely mistaken. In actuality, the storied comic has always been at the forefront of the superhero movement. The main difference between both is that visual effects are used in movies but not in comics.

Why not attempt some unusual comics based on the same theme, just as we are all aware of the fascinating details and amazing scenes in movies? The incredible Chicago-based collaboration of writer Andrew Nadeau and illustrator Phil Thompson produced the comic series “The Mediocre Superheroes,” which includes funny pictures depicting the more approachable side of superheroes. They tell tales of characters with amazing missions but common flaws and difficulties in their work.

Almost 8,500 people follow them on Instagram right now. Andrew is passionate about making things that he believes in and that also make other people smile. However, making a universe with common superheroes was challenging. It is just amazing how each week, artists conjure up a massive cosmos that exists solely in their heads. Get a box of tissues now because you will be viewing their 20 embarrassing artworks below!

Credit: Mediocre Superheroes

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