20 Times Female Artist Kim Winder Shows Dark and Weird Situations

We are back to discuss a comic artist based in Southern California […]

We are back to discuss a comic artist based in Southern California who creates comics under The RedDot. The artist’s good name is Kim Winder. She started making comics in 2018. At that time, she decided to seriously pursue creating comics and committed to drawing every day for a year. She held herself accountable by posting her work on social media. Her comics never fail to make everyone smile and laugh.

The main purpose of creating this comic series is that she wants to share her own experiences, thoughts, and feelings. It can be a way to process life events, anxieties, and even just funny everyday happenings. By using her own lives as a main comic theme, she creates comics that feel honest and relatable to her 454,000 loyal readers. If you want to enjoy her best comics, then feel free to explore her following collection of comics.

Credit: The RedDot

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#1. Pretty Great Life

#2. What happened?

#3. Be Careful


#4. Detective Work

#5. One truth and One Lie

#6. Screwed Up


This comic series has experienced a huge rise in popularity since Kim Winder introduced it in 2015. She has a large following because of her amusing and humorous perspective on life. Despite holding an undergraduate degree in graphic design, her primary work tools have been Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. She managed the company’s office before deciding to make comics her full-time career.

#7. Freaky Friday

#8. Need to be Patient

#9. Water wiggle


#10. On Brand

#11. Happy Mothers Day

#12. Eating well


#13. Rescue You

#14. May the fourth be with you

She is a skilled artist who specializes in investigating ordinary situations with a concentration on love and emotional themes. The majority of her cartoons highlight her experiences as a woman, exploring relationships, getting into the dark world of mental health, and even employing humorous language. Her comics usually portray relatable events that she has had. You may view her previous posts on our website by clicking HereHere And Here.

#15. Task Failed


#16. How’s It’s going?

#17. Summoning Spirits

#18. Bro


#19. Guard Down

#20. Coming Over

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