20 Brand-New Naughty Comics by “The Reddot” will Surely Amuse You

Who are we? The most intelligent and talented race to have ever […]

Who are we? The most intelligent and talented race to have ever lived on Earth? Correct!  Are we the species to be endowed at birth with a variety of feelings and ideas? Correct!  How many of us fail to recognize our embarrassing aspects is even funnier. We have a gift for you today that will make you giggle until you cry over “The Reddot” series’ peculiar and original twists. A talented artist by the name of “Kim,” who makes work that is both aesthetically striking and thought-provoking, is the brains behind this webcomic series.

With a unique style and a passion for creating meaningful pieces, this artist has captured the attention of art enthusiasts worldwide. His work often features simple yet powerful imagery, using bold lines and vibrant colors to convey a message or tell a story. Whether it’s a portrait of a person or an abstract design, each piece carries a strong emotional impact. His ability to convey powerful messages through his art is a testament to the power of creativity and the impact it can have on society. 

This artist is skilled in a variety of methods and styles, including conventional painting and digital art. Every piece in their portfolio, from realistic portraits to fantastical settings, exemplifies how versatile and talented they are. He has amassed a devoted following on Instagram, with over 442,000 followers who eagerly anticipate each new work of art. The following part contains a list of his top 20 illustrations. Grab a coffee and scroll down to the section below if you want to appreciate these comics. Enjoy your day!

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Credit: The_Reddot

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#1. Ohhh right!

#2. Pitch meeting

#3. Guys night


#4. The all seeing eye

#5. Cinderella

#6. When Hubs is away, dot gets to play


#7. Crosswalks

#8. Parade of suitors

#9. Space available


#10. Experiment

#11. Getting ahead

#12. Good recipe


#13. Nothing to worry

#14. How are you?

#15. Getting some grand babies


#16. Kingdom

#17. Set up

#18. Bad idea


#19. Road trip follow up

#20. Gorgon girl

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