20 The RedDot Comics Shows Hilarious and Naughty Situations to Amuse You

We are back to discuss a well-known female artist whose good name is Kim Winder. She has become known for The RedDot, a web comic series. Because of her humorous and sometimes sarcastic perspective on life, she has amassed a sizable following on Instagram, numbering over 454,000 followers. Kim’s comics often portray her experiences as a woman exploring the confusing world of mental health, examining relationships, and occasionally using naughty humor.


Kim’s work is greatly appreciated by many due to its amazing sense of humor, relatability, and honesty. Although she holds a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, her experience with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop has mainly been with those programs. Before committing herself full-time to comics, she handled the company’s office. Her comics can be seen in the following gallery if you’re in the mood for something naughty today.

Credit: The RedDot

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#1. love language is food


#2. Kind Gesture


#3. Shower Time

#4. Bad Vibe


#5. Experiment

#6. Honk


The RedDot was started by Kim Winder in 2015, and it has gained a lot of popularity since then. She appears to be continuously coming up with new ideas and never seems to stick to one single style. Her fantastic sense of humor makes her comedy unsuitable for all audiences. But there’s no turning back once you realize this. She has real followers on Instagram who have been following her for a long time because of this.

#7. Sibling

#8. Mortal shell


#9. Let me know

#10. Don’t worry


#11. My Precious

#12. Present


#13. Listen here

#14. Pretty Intense


#15. Intrusive Thought

Dot, a character in her comics, and her talking, smart houseplant are regularly featured. The comics explore actual, everyday situations using weirdness and humor. Kim Winder has a website and a Facebook page where she shares updates on her creative work, in addition to her Instagram account. You can click here and here to view her previous posts on our website.

#16. What’s wrong?


#17. Lasting Love

#18. Tipped Off


#19. Curiosity Disgusted the Cat

#20. Fitness Journey


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