20 Time an Artist Kevin McShane Creates Awesome and Adorable Comics


Today, we are here to discuss an artist whose name is Kevin McShane. He is a creative artist, video producer, cartoonist, designer, photographer, illustrator, and the guy from Draw-Off on BuzzFeed. He has a website showcasing his work. Kevin has found his way into the work of almost every significant animator and animation studio. He creates awesome and adorable comics for his fans.

The cartoonist is a huge cartoon fan. In fact, he uses his comics to support himself as a cartoonist. Some comics have such cartoonish styles and a distinct feel about them that they are easily identifiable. He frequently uses a parrot and himself to create cartoons, which is always entertaining for his 74,900 Instagram followers. Let’s explore a few of his most outstanding illustrations.

Credit: Kevin Mcshane

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#1. Popular


#2. Stranger Things

#3. It’s Fine


#4. Drawing

#5. Giant Bat


#6. Recording Session

Kevin McShane is a multi-talented individual with a diverse portfolio of work. He’s known for his creative and humorous approach, and his work often features him with his parrot, who faces different hilarious situations. The artist mostly makes 4-panel comics because, according to him, it is enough to complete the whole story.

#7. Still Available (Part 1)


#8. Stuff Available (Part 2)

#9. Guest


#10. So relatable

#11. Dog Shows


#12. Podcast

#13. Loyal Subjects


#14. Two Types

#15. Rude


KmcShane is also active on other social media platforms, like Twitter and YouTube, where he often shows his personal experiences. He’s been featured in publications like The New Yorker and The New York Times, and his work has been exhibited in galleries around the world. If you like the blog, please comment and share it. For his earlier posts on our website, simply click here and here.

#16. Corn

#17. Chess


#18. That’s All

#19. Big News


#20. Beach

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