Cartoonist Kevin Mcshane Always Creates Enjoyable Comics for His Fans (20 Comics)

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Instagram has provided McShane with a platform to engage with a vast community of art enthusiasts and fellow creatives. Their visually captivating artwork has garnered a substantial following, with admirers eagerly anticipating each new creation. Kevin McShane is a cartoonist, designer, improviser, filmmaker, photographer, and executive producer with over 10 years of experience in digital media. He is known for creating comics and caricatures and is the creator of the Draw-Off show on BuzzFeed.


He has over 55,700 followers on Instagram, where he shares his artwork. Kevin is an alumni of the Florida State University Graduate Film School with two student Emmys and a student Academy Award nomination. One of his notable works is a series of self-portraits in which he drew himself in the styles of different animators and animated films. He shares his comics on his website,, and on his Tumblr account. His comics are relatable, funny, and often feature weird things people do.

Kevin is a talented artist and filmmaker who has made a significant impact in the digital media industry. Kmcshane’s artistic prowess extends beyond traditional mediums. While their illustrations often have a digital touch, they also experiment with different tools and techniques. From digital painting to mixed media, Kmcshane employs a range of methods to bring their ideas to life. The artist’s attention to detail and mastery of various mediums contribute to the richness and depth of their work. You can check out his recent 20 illustrations in the next section.

By clicking here and here, you can also read some of his previous posts on boredcomics.

Credit: Kevin Mcshane

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#1. Grandpa’s making up words again

image 879

#2. How’s that going?

image 880

#3. Work friends

image 881

#4. Laid off

image 882

#5. Dermatologist will love this one

image 883

#6. Starting a new hobby (Part 1)

image 886

#7. Starting a new hobby (Part 2)

image 884

#8. Selling stuff

image 887

#9. Are you awake?

image 888
image 889

#10. Monetize your free time!

image 890

#11. Why I will never be a CEO

image 902

#12. Still watch

image 893

#13. Welcome to the Metaverse!

image 894

#14. Sheet cake rules

image 895

#15. The tale of climate policy

image 896

#16. How to greet a stranger’s dog

image 897

#17. The next Dr. Strange movie

image 898

#18. The incredibly tired Hulk

image 899

#19. We all have that friend

image 900

#20. World’s strongest man

image 901

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