20 Safely Endangered Comics Full of Dark Humor and Strange Situations

Safely Endangered is a collection of silly comics created by British artist Chris McCoy. He is the artist who is famous for creating adorable illustrations full of dark and unexpected humor. He enjoyed drawing in his school years and currently utilizes his artistic talents for comics. Basically, he originally studied engineering at the university but ultimately decided it wasn’t the right fit. After leaving university, he began creating comics as a hobby.

The positive feedback he received on his comics motivated his passion and encouraged him to keep creating. Because of this, he has amassed 1.6 million followers on Instagram, an impressive number. He is a brilliant cartoonist who has gained a reputation for his work on themes like spiritual fear, social anxiety, and day-to-day problems. You can check out some of his best comics in the next gallery.

Credit: Safely Endangered

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#1. Very Best

#2. Transformation

#3. Auto Pilot


#4. Neutron

#5. Club

#6. Body Part


He has 486,000 followers on Facebook, where he is also active. Although the humor in his comics originates from a dark or evil place, it is still humorous and relatable. It contributes to the humor of his comics. He communicates with fans on social media and even draws inspiration from their recommendations. His comics became more well-known as a result of this mutual discussion with his fans.

#7. Found

#8. Over Night

#9. Any Requests?


#10. GYM

#11. No Need to be afraid

#12. Free Cookies


#13. Husband

#14. Useless

He normally uses hilarious visuals to convey his views rather than a lot of words in his comics. His work is clear but expressive, and he has the ability to modify color to give his drawings personality and depth. The supportive remarks he received online increased his passion and gave him confidence. You can read some of his earlier work on our website by clicking here and Here.

#15. Strong


#16. Beautiful Day

#17. Energy Club

#18. Kingdom


#19. What Happened?

#20. Thank You

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