20 Safely Endangered Comics Show Clever Jokes and Dark Punchlines

Safely Endangered Comics is a collection of web comics created by British artist Chris McCoy. He is a talented artist who is well known for creating comics on topics such as social awkwardness, existential dread, and the struggles of everyday life. His comics are famous for their adorable illustration style, unexpected humor, and often dark or twisted punchlines. That’s why he is able to amass a huge audience of 1.6 million followers on his Instagram account.


He is also active on his Facebook page, where he has 486,000 followers. The humor in his comics comes from a dark or twisted place, but it’s delivered in a way that’s still funny and relatable. Which makes his comics even funnier. He is active on social media, interacting with fans and even taking inspiration from their suggestions. This two-way communication creates a sense of community and makes his comics more popular.

Credit: Safely Endangered

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#1. Got mail


#2. Mario


#3. Never let go

#4. Choosing pet


#5. Trading is easy

#6. Feel the same


While his love was for art, Chris initially pursued a more traditional path, studying engineering at the university. However, it wasn’t his calling, leading him to explore his creative side after graduation. After leaving university, Chris started creating comics as a hobby. He likely used this time to develop his unique style and voice. After working hard, he finally succeeded in doing so.

#7. Crime scene

#8. Keep the change


#9. Precious

#10. Science


#11. Together

#12. Love you


#13. Task Complete

#14. Death


He usually uses very little dialogue in his comics, focusing instead on humorous visuals to express his ideas. His work is simple yet expressive, and he has a talent for using color to add character and depth to his drawings. It’s possible that the encouraging comments he got on the internet increased his passion and enabled him to make Safely Endangered the worldwide success it is today. By clicking here, you can also read some of his previous work on our website.

#15. Not Alone

#16. Sale


#17. That’s a shame

#18. Mighty tree


#19. Happy Customer

#20. Exchange


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