The Artist “Chris McCoy” never Fails to make you Laugh Through his Silly 25 Comics

The funniest jokes and satire naturally come from something that is so universal to so many of us. Following “Safely Endangered Comics” is a wonderful place to start if you want to fill your Instagram feed with more upbeat stuff that will make you grin. This comic book series is the funniest there is, and it never fails to make us laugh.

“Chris McCoy” is the creator of this fantastic webcomic series. He is regarded as a creative genius who enjoys creating illustrations that portray unexpected, humorous, and occasionally absurd scenarios with a dash of sardonic reality that some may find offensive. His fans find his drawings amusing, which is why he currently has 1.6 million followers on Instagram.

His drawings are funny, eccentric, and simple to identify, and they ought to make many people grin. You ought to enjoy yourself during your downtime after a demanding day at work. A selection of some of their best and most recent comics has been put together. To see these humorous and lighthearted comics that will make your day better, scroll down.

Credit: Safely Endangered Comics

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