20 Nowak Draws Comics Sums Up Hilarious Jokes Only in a Single-Panel

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Many people love to watch single-panel comics because of their humor and easy-to-read format. Lovers of absurd and laugh-out-loud funny single-panel comic strips will find paradise at Nowak Draws. Joseph Nowak is a well-known artist who created it. He portrays everyday happenings that have been hilariously modified. The main character, who is typically shown in a simple way, responds to these circumstances with expressions and surprising turns.


With his website and his busy Instagram account, where he posts his most recent works of art, Nowak has an extensive internet following. He currently has 14,900 Instagram followers, which is a big following. His easy, one-panel comics about ordinary life are amusing and educational at the same time. The following section has a list of his top twenty comics. Scroll down to the region below if you would like to explore.

Credit: Nowak Draws

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#1. Afraid

image 2343

#2. Too Bright

image 2344

#3. Cutting

image 2345

#4. Move On

image 2346

#5. Hilarious

image 2347

#6. Kids

image 2348

Joseph Nowak is a multi-talented illustrator and cartoonist who combines humor, empathy, and inventiveness into each drawing. He completed his graphic design education in order to create perfect comics for his fans. This explains why his comics have a professional layout and an eye-catching appearance. He never fails to make his followers laugh and can be funny on a single panel.

#7. Sick Bot

image 2349

#8. Chicken Strips

image 2350

#9. Deep Dark

image 2351

#10. Today’s Special

image 2352

#11. So Thin

image 2353

#12. Mistake

image 2354

#13. first to strike, last to lose

image 2355

#14. Sound Advice

image 2356

His comic technique quickly became a single panel, which helped him compress a lot of humor and information into a small amount of space. His comics are now well known all over the world. A must-watch for anyone expecting a good amount of Craziness and humor is Nowak Draws. To see some of his previous posts on our website, click these links: Here And Here.

#15. Elasticity

image 2357

#16. Comfortable

image 2358

#17. God

image 2359

#18. Window Shopping

image 2360

#19. Oops

image 2361

#20. Bridge

image 2362

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