Here are 20 Silly Single-Panel illustrations by Joseph Nowak

Silly single-panel comics are a delightful form of humor that distills the […]

Silly single-panel comics are a delightful form of humor that distills the essence of a joke or punchline into a single frame. These comics rely on concise storytelling, clever visual cues, and unexpected twists to generate laughter and amusement in a compact and efficient format. The art style of silly single-panel comics can vary widely, but they often feature simple and expressive illustrations. The focus is on delivering the punchline or humorous concept, so the visual elements are designed to enhance the comedic effect.

Joseph Nowak, known online as Nowak Draws, is an illustrator and cartoonist who has amassed over 13,000 followers on Instagram. His simple, single-panel comics are full of humor and relatable observations about everyday life. The characters, objects, and settings are typically exaggerated or caricatured, emphasizing the comedic elements of the comic. The humor can be lighthearted, clever, or even absurd, depending on the comic and the artist’s style. They aim to capture a moment of levity, offering a quick burst of laughter and entertainment.

Nowak’s cartoons often feature everyday objects or situations that are given a humorous twist. For example, one cartoon shows a man sitting at his desk, surrounded by piles of paperwork. The caption reads, “When you’re so busy working that you forget to live.” Another cartoon shows a woman trying to open a jar of pickles. The caption reads, “When you’re so strong that you can open anything, but you’re also so clumsy that you break everything.” If you are looking for a laugh, or if you just want to see some clever and original cartoons, be sure to check out his comics in the next section.

Credit: Nowak Draws

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#1. Nice try

#2. The precursor

#3. Wrong tower


#4. Jailbird

#5. Delicious too

#6. He tried!


#7. Powerful thoughts

#8. Probably a false negative

#9. Origin story


#10. Think about it

#11. Just a little loose

#12. Twitter handles


#13. Feed your mind

#14. Stay strong and don’t make eye contact

#15. We are the robots


#16. Check your species

#17. Rain, rain, go away

#18. Chilled cow, disappointed together


#19. Winner takes it all

#20. A convenient truth

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