20 Nowak Draws Comics Full of Hilarious and Relatable Observations

Today, we are back with another collection of single-panel comics based on hilarious and relatable observations. Meet Joseph Nowak, an illustrator and cartoonist. He is famous for his web comic, Nowak Draws. He is known for his single-panel comics, often featuring humorous and relatable observations about everyday life. His work is characterized by its clean lines, bold colors, and witty captions.

With a website and an active Instagram account where he posts his most recent work, Nowak has a strong internet presence. At the moment, he has 14,900 Instagram followers, which is a significant following. His straightforward, one-panel comics are humorous and informative about everyday life. The next section features a compilation of his top 20 comics. Scroll down to the area below if you would like to explore.

Credit: Nowak Draws

For More Info: Instagram | Facebook | Website

#1. Survival of the fittest

#2. Young

#3. Steam

#4. Hilarious

#5. Fishy relative

#6. Manual

It brings you a world of colorful graphics, clever one-panel comics, and fascinating stories. Joseph Nowak is a multi-talented illustrator and cartoonist who brings humor, observation, and imagination to each drawing. He never fails to make his followers laugh and always manages to convey humor in only one panel.

#7. Thief

#8. Bills

#9. Get it

#10. Hurry Up

#11. Shark

#12. Friend

#13. Laughing Gas

#14. Strings

#15. Canadian

Joseph’s journey began in 2012, motivated by a passion for visual storytelling. His method soon transformed into a single-panel comic, which gave him the ability to convey a lot of information and humor in a small amount of space. He is now well-known for his comics. I recommend looking into Nowak’s work if you’re in the mood for some inspiration or a good laugh. Click this link to view his previous posts on our website.

#16. Vampire

#17. After the flush

#18. Sesame

#19. Dog

#20. Club

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