20 Made By Tio Comics Based On Hilarious Jokes To Make You Laugh Out Loud

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If you’re into comics, you have definitely seen some amazing ones from Made by Tio Comics. The brilliant mind behind this comic series is Tio. He is the artist from Germany who started this Instagram account back in 2016. The comic strip series focuses on the craziness of ordinary life with an unexpected twist. His comics are usually presented in an easy-to-understand four-panel style with a clever punchline.


Tio is a skilled Instagram artist who has attracted the attention of many creative people all around the world through his unique and appealing digital artwork. His comics are sometimes unexpected and amusing, which has earned him a large following of 92,000 Instagram followers. His comics are easily relatable to readers because they deal with everyday events and situations. In the section that follows, we have collected his best comics.

Credit: Mady By Tio

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#1. Posture

image 2974

#2. Real Quick

image 2975

#3. Just One Bite

image 2976

#4. Video game publishers be like

image 2977

#5. Brain Damage

image 2978

#6. Intruders

image 2986

His art style is simple and effective. Because he says his main focus is on the story and humor. His comics are primarily focused on humorously capturing unexpected twists. In addition to being simple and basic, his work is expressive and does a good job of expressing emotion. Tio frequently closes his jokes with unexpected twists that make readers laugh aloud. His fans usually find humor in his comics.

#7. Earth’s surface is 71% water

image 2981

#8. It’s Alive

image 2996

#9. It’s Raining

image 2983

#10. Everything that drops on the floor is free food

image 2984

#11. Ticks doing tick things

image 2985

#12. Billionaires

image 2987

#13. YouTube Premium

image 2988

#14. Time Has Come

image 2989

He likes to sketch rare, humorous, and sometimes dumb situations. He gets most of his ideas for comics while talking with friends and observing his daily life. One of the most amazing things about his work is how he combines multiple techniques and methods to create his own unique style. That’s what makes him different from other artists. For more enjoyment, you have to simply click here and here.

#15. Weekend

image 2990

#16. Snap

image 2991

#17. Game

image 2992

#18. Soap

image 2993

#19. poor wallet

image 2994

#20. Time For School

image 2995

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