20 Made by Tio Comics Full of Unexpected Twists That Make You Laugh

If you’re interested in comics, you’ve undoubtedly seen some incredible Made By Tio comics. Tio’s comics have a wide following of 94,200 Instagram followers since they are occasionally unexpected and hilarious. Tio is a talented Instagram artist who has been producing unique and captivating digital artwork that has won over the hearts of countless art lovers worldwide.


It is a popular webcomic artist known for their humorous and relatable comics. Their comics often feature simple, four-panel formats that pack a punch with their wit and unexpected twists. His comics deal with everyday situations and common experiences, making them easy for readers to connect with. We have compiled his best comics in the following section. You can also explore some of his previous posts on Boredcomics by simply clicking here and here.

Credit: Mady By Tio

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#1. Patent


#2. New Trick


#3. News

#4. Whenever I try to play fetch with my dog


#5. Hate loud chewing or smacking sounds 

#6. How to cook


#7. Cats be like

The main theme of his comics is to capture unexpected twists in a hilarious way. His art style is clean and minimalist, but it’s also expressive and conveys emotion well. Many of Tio’s comics have unexpected endings that leave readers laughing out loud. His comics are always amusing to his fans.

#8. How your brain works


#9. Earth’s surface is 71% water

#10. Doggo still loves you, no matter what


#11. Halloween

#12. New Message


#13. Gentle Gasp

#14. Somehow women are resistant to heat


#15. Taking a shower

#16. How to ride public transport during flu season


He enjoys drawing pictures of bizarre, funny, and occasionally stupid circumstances. The way he combines several styles and techniques to create his own unique style is one of the most remarkable aspects of his work. He often uses whimsical elements, including cartoon characters, and makes use of colorful, eye-catching colors. Hopefully, you people like their comics. Don’t forget to comment on and share this blog.

#17. Wishes

#18. Must keep precious memories


#19. Bring it on

#20. Say no more


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