20 Relatable Comics about Funny Situations by Made by Tio Will Make You Laugh

In the world of social media, Instagram has become a hub for artists to showcase their talent and connect with a global audience. One such artist who has captured the hearts of many with their relatable and humorous illustrations is Made by Tio, the creative mind behind a collection of side-splitting comics. Known for their ability to capture everyday funny situations, Made by Tio’s work has brought joy and laughter to countless followers.

Made by Tio is an Instagram artist who creates comics for children and young adults. The artist’s real name is Tio, and he is based in the United States. Made by Tio creates comics for children and young adults with diverse characters and engaging storylines. His comics are designed to be both entertaining and educational, making them a great choice for parents and educators who want to introduce children to the world of comics. He has amassed a sizable following of 98,100 Instagram followers.

The artwork created by Tio has a straightforward yet endearing aesthetic. In many of their illustrations, the little creatures effectively capture the emotions of the situations they are in by having expressive features and body language. The artist has a good eye for portraying the humorous aspect of daily life, finding humor in the commonplace situations that we all go through. Their work may be seen on their website and Instagram account, and it aims to be both amusing and enlightening. It’s definitely worth checking out Made by Tio if you’re seeking entertaining and interesting comics for kids.

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#1. Chat gpt

#2. Soap dispensers

#3. Coffee

#4. Parallel Universe

#5. Break glass in case pf emergency

#6. Explosive combination

#7. Flirting failing successfully

#8. Better hump him!

#9. Superman!

#10. Mute all

#11. How to time travel

#12. New year resolution

#13. Surviving the cold winter

#14. Run!

#15. Pre-Christmas time!

#16. When your own body is your worst enemy

#17. Thanks for nothing

#18. How the brain works

#19. Sick GPU!

#20. Have a taste of your own medicine

#21. The benefits of growing older

#22. But money can buy video games

#23. All dads were the same

#24. Wait, what?

#25. Excuse me sir?

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