20 Walnut Lane Comics Shows the Hilarious Adventures of a Boy and His Robot

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Many artists say that finding humor in everyday situations can be very relatable. Because when a character in a comic directly addresses the reader, it makes him or her laugh. That’s why most artists prefer to create comics on such topics, and one of them is one we are about to discuss in this blog. Let me introduce a brilliant artist whose good name is Ryan Hoffmann. He is from the United States and joined the Instagram platform in 2020.


The artist goes by the username Walnut Lane Comics on his Instagram account. Basically, this comic series is about the adventures of a boy and his robbot friend. The boy who mostly appears in his comics is the artist himself. They both do silly things, which he then captures in his comics to make his 1,058 fans laugh. We have collected some of his best comics for you in the following section.

Credit: Walnut Lane Comics

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#1. Fireworks

image 2997

#2. Ball Drop

image 2999

#3. Christmas Present

image 3000

#4. Without a Sound

image 3001

#5. Bad Idea

image 3002

#6. Trick or Treating

image 3003

He puts humor at the forefront. The artist usually deals with daily struggles by using humor, regularly with an unexpected twist. His drawings provide a humorous viewpoint on understanding and acknowledging our difficulties. Even when the comics realistically capture the experience of frustration, you can’t help but laugh at them. This is why his audience finds his comics hilarious.

#7. Bigger Pool

image 3004

#8. Easiest Job

image 3005

#9. Bullet Proof

image 3006

#10. Neighbor’s Dog

image 3007

#11. A man’s World

image 3008

#12. Solar Sphere Conquest

image 3009

#13. Complex Subjects

image 3010

#14. Department

image 3011

He addresses the challenges of staying motivated in a funny and serious way. His comics are based on genuine humor, and his eye-catching graphics will make you laugh and feel understood. After reading comics, you will get the impression that we have all experienced similar things. The best way to handle it is to laugh at them. Remember to share and comment on this blog if you enjoy it.

#15. Tough Break

image 3012

#16. Love the Song

image 3013

#17. Haircut

image 3014

#18. Absolute Dream

image 3015

#19. So Dramatic

image 3016

#20. Sensational

image 3017

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