20 Brand New Single-Panel Comics by Nate Fakes to Make You Giggle

Nate Fakes is a full-time cartoonist and illustrator based in the Los Angeles area. He is a multi-talented creative with experience in various aspects of the comic and illustration worlds. He is famous as a syndicated cartoonist with a daily comic strip called Break of Day. From children’s books to advertising campaigns, Nate’s illustrations have graced various publications and media.

In addition, he publishes graphic novels that he creates himself. He worked as a freelance artist from the beginning. He completed a great deal of work for publishing and advertising companies. Nevertheless, it wasn’t until he discovered Instagram had potential that his career truly took off. He quickly amassed over 93,700 followers on Instagram after he began posting his strange and funny drawings there. Some of them are in the next area.

Credit: Nate Fakes

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#1. Should work

#2. Going to die

#3. And they go well with condiments


#4. Sniffing Dog

#5. Bad Idea

#6. Good to know


He says that formal education can provide a strong foundation for artistic techniques and storytelling. He modified his passion for comics throughout his childhood and honed their skills over time. He explores an extensive range of topics, from non-living objects and animals to humans. His comic strip, which can often be seen on a single panel, mainly uses artful text and graphics to express its message.

#7. It’s hard to worm your way out of them

#8. Mummy knows best

#9. Impressive


#10. It works well with its match

#11. It shows

#12. Just be careful taking him on a plane


#13. This doesn’t end well

#14. It’s trying to wiggle its way out of work

He shares his personal story to motivate others and advocate for mental health awareness. More of his work could be seen on his website and social media sites. He maintains a personal Instagram feed where he shares in his mind his views of his work, unique content, and observations. On our website, you can check out more of his comics HereHere, And Here.

#15. It shows


#16. Someone was having a ball with this

#17. It’s a flighty delivery

#18. Way to paint the situation


#19. It’s a strong one

#20. I’m sure they’ll be sharp

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