20 Nate Fakes Single-Panel Cartoons Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Trendy artist Nate Fakes has taken the social media world by storm with his odd and funny comics. Having grown up in Ohio, Fakes took an early interest in drawing and developed it into a career. A cartoonist from Southern California draws funny single-panel comics that are too hard to laugh at. His cartoons often provide humorous commentary on everyday situations, like the challenges of growing up, the limitations of contemporary technology, and the absurdities of everyday life.

Beginning his career as a freelance artist, he worked on a range of projects for customers in the advertising and publishing sectors. However, his career didn’t truly take off until he saw the potential of Instagram. He started sharing his quirky and humorous illustrations with the world on Instagram, and he quickly gathered a following of over 93,800 followers. Let’s explore a few of his most outstanding cartoons.

Credit: Nate Fakes

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#1. Their style is on track

#2. Naturally

#3. Just give it a shot

#4. Probably best to avoid

#5. Merry Christmas

#6. Out of Order

His syndicated single-panel joke cartoon series, “Break of Day,” brightens many days. He is also an author and cartoonist. This series, which is published daily by King Features Syndicate, is evidence of Fakes’ talent for encapsulating the hilarity of everyday life in a single frame. His commitment to his work and innate sense of humor laid the groundwork for a career that currently engages audiences all over the world. That’s how this webcomic got its start.

#7. It’s hard to resist

#8. It might be the case

#9. There’s a lot of them this time of year

#10. Empty box

#11. It happens

#12. On that note

Nate Fakes’ art serves as a refreshing reminder that sometimes the best comedy can be found in the most mundane of circumstances in a world when a good laugh is often needed. Nate Fakes, who has a gift for comedy and an eye for portraying the peculiarities of daily life, has had a significant influence on the comic scene. You can delve into his previous boring comic posts by simply clicking on these links: HereHereHereHere, And Here.

#13. I think it works

#14. Maybe iced drinks next time

#15. They are annoying

#16. The song is wrong

#17. Your ears will ring

#18. Disrespectful

#19. Parents

#20. Party

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