20 Times Cartoonist Nate Fakes Make His Fans Laugh Through One-Panel Comics

Nate Fakes is a talented cartoonist, illustrator, and writer. He is best known for his daily syndicated comic strip, Break of Day. It is featured in newspapers and online across the globe. It showcases his witty and relatable observations on everyday life. He has collaborated with various publications and brands, including MAD Magazine, Red Bull, and The New York Times, creating humorous illustrations and cartoons.


Beginning his career as a freelance artist, he worked on a variety of projects for clients in the advertising and publishing sectors. However, his career didn’t really take off until he saw Instagram’s power. He started sharing his weird and humorous drawings on Instagram, and he quickly built a following of over 94,800 users. That’s how he has become so popular in the world of comics. Let’s look at a few of his best-known cartoons.

Credit: Nate Fakes

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#1. It’s a flighty place


#2. Butt that’s what they do


#3. Just water

#4. Request


#5. Wipe me

#6. Now they can bloom worry free


Nate Fakes is an active member of the creative community and frequently participates in events and workshops. He is also a passionate advocate for mental health awareness, and he uses his platform to share his story and inspire others. You can find more of his work on his website, social media channels, and various online platforms.

#7. There’s just some training involved

#8. He’s not lion


#9. He got canned

#10. Big sale


#11. Happy Valentine’s Day

#12. A little too early


#13. It’s vicious

#14. This one’s corny


#15. It’s normal

Nate Fakes regularly contributes humorous articles and essays to various platforms, sharing his thoughts and perspectives on various topics. He maintains his own blog, where he publishes creative writing, reflections, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into his work. His comics use various mediums, bringing joy and entertainment to audiences of all ages. If you want to enjoy his earlier posts on our website, then be sure to visit here, Here And Here.

#16. Nothing like working to death


#17. It’s true

#18. Time to hop and buy a new one


#19. Defeat

#20. Collectors won’t be happy


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