Cartoonist Nate Fakes Makes His Fans Laugh Through 20 Single-Panel Comics

Many people love to enjoy single-panel comics because the beauty of the […]

Many people love to enjoy single-panel comics because the beauty of the single-panel format is its potential for surprise. You never know what you’ll encounter, and that element of unexpectedness can be incredibly refreshing and rewarding. That’s why we are back with another collection of hilarious comics by well-known artist Nate Fakes.

He started out as a freelance artist, working on a variety of projects for clients in the publishing and advertising industries. But until he realized Instagram’s potential, his career didn’t really take off. He began posting his ridiculous and humorous illustrations to Instagram, where he rapidly amassed a following of more than 95,400 followers. Let’s explore a few of his best comics.

Credit: Nate Fakes

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#1. It might be a good idea

#2. Meanwhile across the pond

#3. Don’t egg him on


#4. Nailed it

#5. It has a ton of dirty jokes

#6. It’s a very clean place


He is a skilled illustrator who has worked for major brands and publications. Nate Fakes has created many hilarious and insightful single-panel comics. He is the creative mind behind the popular comic strip Break of Day. His comics are worth watching, and they never fail to make you laugh. He draws inspiration from the smallest moments of daily life.

#7. Finally

#8. It’s how they earn their cheddar

#9. So gross


#10. After all the talk

#11. They stick together

#12. That bites


#13. It gets a bit flighty

#14. It’s complicated

#15. Mark my words


Take a moment to explore the world of single-panel comics the next time you’re feeling down or just need a moment to recharge. The happiness, humor, and reflection they may provide in a single frame may surprise you. I hope you enjoy this blog. Remember to share this blog and leave a comment. Just click here and here to explore more comics on our website.

#16. Still necessary

#17. This will ruffle some feathers

#18. I’m sure there is


#19. It led to being out

#20. Collector

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