20 Art by Moga Comics Follows the Adventure of Her with Her Husband

Today we bring another artist who is an expert at capturing the adventures with her husband. Meet Meg Adams, who is the creator of the webcomic series Art by Moga. She uses her everyday activities as the basis for her humorous, realistic art. She and her spouse, Carson, live in Bend, Oregon, with their two dogs, Luna and Boedy.

Meg occasionally makes some serious observations, but mainly the comics have a cheerful tone. Self-acceptance, self-love, and being encouraged to stay true to oneself are common themes. On her Instagram account, she currently has 476,000 family members following her. The creator has been making comics since 2013. She describes herself as a comic artist who cuddles cats. The next section contains her collection of the best comics. Your day will undoubtedly be made better by the comic artist’s relatable illustrations.

Credit: Art By Moga

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#1. Depression is so clingy

#2. Disgusting

#3. Good kitty

#4. I hope they’re not jealous

#5. Socializing

#6. Back

Her comics touch on relatable topics like relationships, work-life balance, pet ownership, and navigating the joys and challenges of everyday life. Most strips have a healthy dose of humor, often coming from Moga’s witty observations and the antics of her canine companions. She is active on various platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, where she shares previews, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and interacts with her fans.

#7. Shoutout to dads that just accept

#8. Heard

#9. Got it

#10. Never Give Up

#11. Now and then

#12. Insomnia has its perks

Her whimsical, adorable figures have large eyes and excessive features. Her use of bright, strong color schemes gives her artwork a lighthearted and enjoyable feel. The series consists of a number of funny and relatable comics that show the daily challenges faced by artists. Meg finds inspiration in the stories of her friends and supporters, as well as in her own experiences as an artist. Click this link to view her previous posts on our website.

#13. Mental Illness

#14. Iced Coffee

#15. Bipolar

#16. Accidentally inhaled a pine needle

#17. Depression

#18. Fall

#19. So hot

#20. Period

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