20 Dark Humor Comics by Biased as Fluck to Make You Laugh

When handling challenging situations or feelings, humor may be a very effective coping technique. Laughing at dark jokes about tragedy or even our own mortality can be a way to distance ourselves from the anxieties and absurdity of life, making it feel more manageable. That’s why we’re bringing you another good collection of dark comics to make you laugh.

Biased As Fluck is a collection of sarcastic and dark-humored comics drawn by Indian artist Sakib Rahaman. He covers a wide range of topics in his drawings, including politics, religion, social injustice, and mental health. He has a passionate following of 30,600 people who value his unreserved sense of humor. Let’s take a look at some of his best dark comics. If you want to enjoy his previous posts on our website, then click here.

Credit: Biased As Fluck

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#1. Sad

#2. Drinks Milk

#3. Machine Gun

#4. Book

#5. Sale

#6. Motivation

The artist doesn’t provide a lot of personal details. He decided to be anonymous for his viewers. The artist turns his dumb ideas into hilarious comics. This artist usually gets his best ideas when out for a walk with buddies. He tells hilarious stories in a way that is far superior to that of other artists.

#7. Hand Sanitizer

#8. Lost my son

#9. Can’t Swim

#10. Global Poverty

#11. Nailed

#12. Wake Up

#13. Fast

#14. Not a race

#15. Misunderstanding

His work is straightforward but powerful. His use of elaborate features and emotive motions in his characters’ depictions serves to emphasize the humor in his jokes. In addition, he uses a lot of dark humor and imagery, which some viewers may find disturbing but ultimately serve to effectively convey his point.

#16. Wasted

#17. Prison

#18. Sorry

#19. Steps

#20. Cancer

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