An artist named Zach Cranor illustrates Random Situations in his 20 Absurd Comics

Zach Cranor is an Instagram artist who has carved out a unique […]

Zach Cranor is an Instagram artist who has carved out a unique niche for himself in the world of art. His colorful and surreal pieces are a celebration of joy, whimsy, and creativity, and his use of bold lines and bright colors make his work instantly recognizable. With a growing following of 147,000 and a bright future ahead of him, he is definitely an artist to watch.

The reason for the name “last place comics” is that it is the last spot where you may find amusing, funny, and absurd comics. Playfulness and whimsy are traits that define his work. His characters are frequently eccentric and charming, and his settings are chock-full of unanticipated twists and obscure details. His works have a whimsical character, but they are also intelligent and grown-up, and they exhibit an extraordinary level of skill. Although his comics are frequently bizarre and strange, they are also perceptive and meaningful.

His comics often feature absurd scenarios and dark humor, with a heavy emphasis on the surreal and the absurd. He often takes everyday situations and twists them in unexpected ways, making the mundane seem magical. His artwork is full of surprising and unexpected twists, and his ability to subvert expectations is one of the things that makes his comics so enjoyable. We have compiled some of his best illustrations in the following section. You can check by scrolling down.

You can also read his previous posts on boredcomics by clicking here, here and here.

Credit: Last Place Comics

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#1. Choose your wishes carefully

#2. Maybe less weird stuff

#3. Aduld wolf


#4. Sales presentation

#5. A very good Santa this year

#6. Just kidding!


#7. Stupid stupid

#8. Laught out loud!

#9. Let’s explore beneath


#10. The party is over

#11. The trap is set

#12. What is your biggest weakness?


#13. Happy Birthday

#14. How do we get in?

#15. Super mario


#16. You kids can’t camp here

#17. Everyone take pictures

#18. Music for the table


#19. So hairless

#20. Touching my butthole

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