20 Two-Panel Illustrations on Showing Two Different Perspectives on the Same Thing

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Everybody has their own opinion. There can be several different perspectives among people on the same thing. Some of them agree with each other, and most of them do not. This is how an Instagram artist creates a two-panel illustration for his fans to show two different perspectives of people on the same thing. He says that illustrations are visual interpretations that can be used to bring ideas and stories to life.


If we talk about the background of the artist, then his good name is Anton Gudim. He is famous for his Instagram account named Yes, But. He is a Moscow-based illustrator most recognized for his comics with two panels. The title of the web comic feels right because it handles the same topic from two different viewpoints, and the illustrations make our society’s dishonesty clearly exposed. His two-panel style and use of dark humor as social criticism set his comics apart.

The comic series shows two different panels. The panel with the title Yes shows a simple perspective on the thing. The other panel with the title But shows the perspective adopted by society or people around us. He is followed on Instagram by 1.4 million people. His ability to humorously and cleverly represent the craziness of the present world has won him praise and a wide following on social media for this comic series.

Credit: YES, BUT

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You can see some of his best two-panel illustrations in the following section. If you want to enjoy more of his comics, then feel free to visit here, Here, and here.

#1. Beautiful View

image 847

#2. Everyone Noticing

image 848

#3. Walking with Elder

image 849

#4. Strawberry Packing

image 850

#5. Google Map

image 851

#6. Perfect Solution

image 853

He claims that the basic explanation for creating comics on this subject is that people are naturally conflicting. Everybody has an opinion, and most of them are not the same as other people’s. Yet, the majority of people are clueless about the flaws and even reject them. His captivating comics will present us with multiple viewpoints on the same topic.

#7. While Travelling

image 854

#8. Sleeping Pills

image 855

#9. Noise Cancelling Technology

image 856

#10. After Death

image 857

#11. Weather Forecast

image 858

The creator of this comic series says that the idea simply came to him when asked how it came to be. The yes, but portion has just the right amount of humor, even if the artist presents a lot of truth. Furthermore, Anton uses simply two panels and the terms yes and but to convey his ideas. Because of this, it is simpler for readers to fully understand the meaning behind his comics.

#12. Traffic Rules

image 871

#13. Fish Life

image 860

#14. Ever Experienced This?

image 861

#15. Cash Only

image 863

#16. Sale Successful

image 866

After reading this blog, you must be aware of the different points of view that people have in our society. We have adopted several different opinions according to society. And this brilliant artist presents them in a beautiful way. If you have enjoyed this blog, then keep supporting it by sharing it with as many people as possible.

#17. Car Battery Production

image 867

#18. Airplane Travelling

image 868

#19. So Sad

image 869

#20. Ad Blocker

image 870

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