20 Yes, But Illustrations Show the Contradictions of Modern Life

YES, BUT is a series of Humorous comic strips created by Russian artist Anton Gudim. He is a Moscow-based illustrator best known for his two-panel comic series. The web comic’s title is right since it addresses the same issue from two different perspectives, and the graphics clearly highlight the hypocrisy of our society. His comics differentiate themselves by their two-panel format and the use of dark humor to criticize society.


His comics always focus on the contradictions of modern life, such as our obsession with technology, our consumption habits, and our environmental impact. This comic series has been widely popular on social media, and he has been praised for his ability to capture the absurdity of the modern world in a clever and humorous way. He has 1.4 million followers on his Instagram account. Let’s enjoy his best two-panel illustrations.

Credit: YES, BUT

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#1. Sale


#2. Miss Universe


#3. Reverse Camera

#4. Get it


#5. Long Nails

#6. Dressing


His comics typically consist of two panels, with the first panel setting up a situation and the second panel revealing the absurdity of that situation. For example, one comic strip shows a person complaining about how annoying it is when the sound quality in a movie is inconsistent while simultaneously wearing noise-canceling headphones.

#7. Projector

#8. Noise


#9. Mirror

#10. Never ending Wishes


#11. Free Trial

#12. Fantasy World


#13. Expertise

#14. Relatable


#15. So True

He highlights the hypocrisy of people who claim to care about the environment but who continue to live unsustainable lifestyles. Yes, but comics have been widely shared on social media and have been praised for their ability to make people laugh while also making them think about the world around them. You can also check out some of his earlier articles on our website by simply clicking HereHere And Here.

#16. Foot Steps


#17. Flowers

#18. Hotel Ratings


#19. Garbage

#20. Weight Loss


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