20 Times Cartoonist Yeevz Captures the Funny Side of Everyday Life Situations




Finding joy and laughter in the small moments that compose our everyday existence is a wonderful way to enhance our quality of life, and comics indeed serve as a fantastic vehicle for achieving this. They remind us to pause and appreciate the humorous side of our existence, allowing us to connect with the shared experiences that bind us as humans. In a world filled with busyness and challenges, comics act as a delightful mirror, reflecting our own idiosyncrasies and inviting us to laugh.

Evie Hilliar, also known as Yeevz, is a Sydney-based artist who creates illustrations and comics. She often uses her comics to explore topics such as everyday life, relationships, and pop culture. Her work is characterized by its simple yet expressive style and her ability to capture the funny side of even the most mundane situations. Yeevz has a large following on Instagram, with over 98,100 followers. Her comics are regularly shared and reposted by other users, and her work has been featured in publications.

She possesses a remarkable talent for capturing the funny side of everyday life situations. Through a blend of clever wit and relatable observations, Yeevz’s cartoons bring humor to the mundane and the ordinary. Yeevz’s comics are a reminder that we’re all in this together and that it’s okay to laugh at ourselves and our everyday struggles. It’s in these small moments, often unnoticed, that we find a wellspring of joy, and comics serve as the perfect catalyst to unlock that laughter and remind us that happiness can be as simple as a well-timed punchline or a clever visual gag.

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Credit: Yeevz

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#1. The Great Clam

#2. Comfortable

#3. Unrealistic

#4. Advice

#5. Too Busy

#6. Sister

#7. Friend

#8. Hat Guy

#9. Gonna Ask Me

#10. Important

#11. Batteries

#12. Being Tall

#13. Age

#14. Shoulders

#15. Summer Bummer

#16. Can’t Believe

#17. Look Tired

#18. Love Languages

#19. Bread Crumb

#20. Foodie

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