20 Times This Artist illustrates about her Life Through her Funny and Relateable Comics

Everyday life can gradually become patterned without our even noticing the change. People are prone to becoming engrossed in routines that are essentially the same every day. It’s just a part of life that an adult must accept. And, in most cases, they do, but we may have the impression that with so much tedium, life can be extremely dull.

We all have similar problems, but we believe that I am the only one who has them. That is precisely what “Evie Hilliar” does with her comics. She depicts everyday situations, problems she encounters, and doubts she has. She is best known for her webcomic series “Yeevz”. Her Instagram alone has more than 92.6K followers. That is a large number of people who value her work.

One of these innovative artists is Evie Hilliar. She has the ability to turn everyday events into funny, easy-to-read comics. She claims to enjoy attracting attention. We’re confident she gets enough from her comics. We’ve chosen some of her hilarious comics to introduce you to her incredible mind and work. To see her comics, scroll down. Have a great time!

Credit: Yeevz

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