20 Fantastic and Relatable Comics by “Yeevz” Will Surely Amuse You

“Evie Hilliar” is an Instagram artist who has quickly gained a loyal following for her relatable and funny comics about her everyday life. Her distinct viewpoint and sharp sense of humor have since won her 91,600 followers all over the world since she started sharing her comics on Instagram in 2018. Yeevz, who was born and raised in the US, has always been passionate about storytelling and the arts. She is best known for her “Yeevz” webcomic series.


She majored in graphic design in college and initially pursued a career in that field, but eventually decided to focus on what she genuinely enjoyed—doing illustrations and making comics. Her cartoons are renowned for their simple yet expressive artwork. She uses bold lines and little color to create characters that are both lovable and instantly recognizable. Her comics frequently depict everyday events and situations that anyone can relate to, such as awkward social encounters and the benefits and challenges of relationships.

She has a gift for discovering the humor and irony in everyday situations. Her comics are frequently filled with self-deprecating humor and witty observations about life, love, and the quest for happiness. She is open and honest about her own battles with these issues, and her comics provide comfort and inspiration to many of her fans who are facing similar difficulties. In the following part, we have compiled her top 20 illustrations. Scroll down to the section below if you want to appreciate these comics. You can also read some of her earlier boredcomics posts by clicking here.

Credit: Yeevz

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#1. Drunk text

#2. Single life


#3. Finally cleaned my room

#4. So excited to walk


#5. He looks rich

#6. What did you say?


#7. Tea time

#8. It smells


#9. Why are you crying

#10. Quirky


#11. Swear to me

#12. Bless this mess


#13. Lava is so deadly

#14. Let them eat balls


#15. Dear lord

#16. One easy trick


#17. Therapy

#18. One year later


#19. Reasons to grow hair

#20. Relatable


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