20 We Flaps Comics Shows The Daily Life of Owner With Black Cat 

Comics about cats are preferable to understanding another cat owner. Cats are […]

Comics about cats are preferable to understanding another cat owner. Cats are very different from other pets because of their silly behaviors. If you have recently gotten one, you will understand this comic series. Just a few years ago, Cody Stone Stowe received a cat. He immediately began drawing comics about them. Then he creates an Instagram account where he mostly shares his adorable comics with people all over the world.

He is the creator of the web comic series, We Flaps Comics. He draws comics featuring Coral and her human companion. Coral is the name of his cat. He identifies as an ordinary guy who is funny and endearing. The comics tell the story of their experiences as they solve mysteries, battle unusual animals, and show their special bonding to people all over the world.

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The creator of this comic series created a Facebook page to begin with. He just began uploading comics to the page he made under the name We Flaps. His comics appear so beautiful because of his perfect sketching abilities. He consequently begins to receive remarks from others. He currently has 107,000 Instagram followers. The following section features some of his best-known comics.

#1. Something Behind You

#2. Coral Stop

#3. Enough Zoom


#4. Eating the money tree

#5. Getting the floor wet

#6. Over your face


He was working at a company when a coworker made a remark about how he was misusing his artistic abilities by sketching on the board at work. And that was plenty to set him up for activity. His first plan was to become an animator on YouTube, but that concept emerged at the same time that the platform began to essentially push long-form videos as the only professionally viable option. He then made the decision to attempt making comics featuring himself and his cat.

#7. Attention Please

#8. Let’s Do This

#9. Let me get this straight


#10. The Real Monster

His audience regularly gets entertained by his cute comics featuring his cat. Anyone who has owned a cat in the past can connect to and appreciate his comic books. He interacts with his Instagram followers by providing personal information about his life and creative process. According to him, responding to his supporters makes them happy because they are the ones who made him famous.

#11. New Beds All The Time

#12. Conform To your language


#13. No Feeding to the birds

#14. Throw Out The Piles

His work is simplistic but exciting, with genuine characters and a priority on capturing the love and humor of Coral and Cody’s relationship. His comics typically combine relatable situations, funny comedy, and touching scenes to highlight the love between a human and a cat. If you love cats, you can check out his previous posts by clicking HereHere And Here.

#15. Happy Earth Day


#16. Fully Vaccinated

#17. Smooching you is like smooching a thoroughly used comb 

#18. How does such a tiny being take up so much space 


#19. Health Care Routine

#20. Waking Up

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