Here are the Adorable Long Cat Comic Strips by We Flaps Comics (31 Pics)

If you have never owned a cat, you probably think of cats as cute, lonely creatures who only eat food and sleep. You don’t know the difficulties that cat owners face. But any cat owner will tell you that they don’t agree. since most of the time there is confusion. That’s why we brought in cartoonist Cody Stone Stowe, who knows this all too well.

He is an illustrator and artist who creates We Flaps Comics by combining fascinating storytelling with beautiful visuals. This web comic recounts the adventures of powerful cat Coral and her human partner Cody as they face strange creatures, explore the wonders of the void, and discover the truth about their own destinies. In the following section, let’s explore his best comic strips. By clicking here and here, you can view his previous posts on Bored comics.

Credit: We Flaps Comics

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#1. Spider

Through providing glimpses into their lives, their creative processes, and even some funny live-action comic modifications, he actively interacts with their fans on Instagram. His posts give off a lighthearted vibe and reveal the creative process behind the comics. His audience is often entertained by his cute comics featuring his cat. He has 105,000 real Instagram followers as a result.

#2. Christmas Trees

Coral creates amusing comics that are shorter in length and center around relatable everyday observations and situations, in addition to her amazing illustrations. These often feature Coral’s playful cat, which enhances the already clever content with even more appeal. Make sure to check out his comics if you’re looking for cute and funny comics.

#3. Monkey Paw


#4. Devil

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